What would it take to make a woman like you
View a wolf like me for what I really might be
 Listening to lyrics only heres what I allow
You gotta try and make me testify for here and right now
Let's have a confrontation over a cold one
I'll give you conversation just to see if you can hold em
I play so dumb
Because I know some of these star struck small talk art fucks is no fun
I'm the blood type that goes straight for the guns
Like before you even spoke already knew what your loves like
So what you thinking?
Because I'm thinking we should jump into your ocean
Let's go girl this ship is sinking

Look at your face
When all I could see was myself looking back at me
And all I could do was think about sleeping next to you

Now there's no reason to lie, I've had a lot of lovers
In my reality it's impossible to avoid it
But there's one reason for life gotta provide some supper
Gonna build a family just to watch someone destroy it
Do you really think you really wanna get to know me better
Don't you see the drama
Don't you feel the pressure
Don't get me wrong it would be my pleasure
To sing a song that could remove your shoes and your sweater
Bartender let me get a shot of Beam
Cause this girl over here is trying to get me out my jeans
And she doesn't seem to believe I'm just another thief
Came to take a piece and make you stutter when you breathe

You look like you were built for me
You talk like you want to steal my drink
You kiss like you already came
And that's a Lifter Puller line for those with out any game
It's like damn baby
You know you can't save me
But you should still tell your people that your leaving with the band
Maybe you can show me your hustle
Neither one of us would be so lonely If only you would come over here and hold me
I caught you trying to hide your smile behind your glass
But all of your secrets become a swing set when you laugh
And all of your regrets that you're carrying an' burying
Don't mean a damn thing if there's nobody to share them with

Atmosphere - Reflections


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